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Remediation Support

Following the Gap Analysis stage, AAndersen can assist in the design and implementation of an internal PCI DSS project team within your organisation who will ultimately be responsible for undertaking the remediation work to achieve compliance, saving on costs on instructing an outsourced source for remediation. Of course, AAndersen can be on hand to attend regular check point meeting to ensure that the project remains focussed and on track.

Support with the creation of the relevant documentation required for compliance i.e. policies and procedures.

Service Level Agreements with Service Providers. All Merchants must ensure that their Service Providers are PCI DSS compliant, or at least working towards compliance. Merchants are frequently becoming subject to breach investigations due to inadequacies of their Service Providers (e.g. web hosting companies) who are not PCI DSS compliant and place the Merchant in a vulnerable position, open to fraudulent activity. AAndersen’s will ensure your organisation fully understands both your own and your Service Providers’ responsibilities, ensuring risks are reduced and managed to greatly decrease the possibility of a breach.

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